Saturday, 9 May 2015

Paleo mini quiches

I'm sorry for the lateness of this post. I took some lovely pictures of this recipe, which I have been looking for since last week. I've now conceded that I must have deleted them accidentally, without having saved them onto my computer first... silly me!

I made this recipe because, since turning paleo (I still eat dairy though), breakfast has been a bit difficult. It's surprising how the morning rush tempts you to eat a quick bowl of cereal and get on your way. But cereals are full of two things which I am trying not to eat: grains and refined sugar. Have you ever checked the labels on cereals? They're all full of sugar - yep, even those supposedly healthy bran cereals that taste like cardboard! Somehow, my resolution to get up 10 minutes earlier each day to prepare a healthy breakfast doesn't always work, and yoghurt with seeds and fruit gets boring after a while. So I started making these mini-quiches on Sunday evenings so that my breakfast is ready for the next couple of days. They contain dairy in the form of Parmesan cheese, but if you don't eat dairy, feel free to eliminate it.