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Stuffat tal-Fenek (Maltese Rabbit Stew)

This is a traditional recipe from my homeland of Malta. I know that some people are squeamish about eating rabbit, but it is such a healthy, lean meat. You can buy it from most butchers in the UK, where it is often sold as game since it's wild rabbit. Rabbit stew is to Malta what the roast dinner is to Britain. Traditionally, it's eaten on high days and holidays, and is the perfect meal to get the extended family gathered round the table together (though you would need a big pot and probably more than one rabbit to feed a Maltese family!). Personally, I have fond memories of rabbit stew, as my grandfather farmed rabbits for eating, and the whole family would gather round my Nanna's table to eat the stew. In Malta, everyone has their favourite parts of the rabbit. Mine was always the offal - the liver, heart and lungs. I don't stew those - I fry them in olive oil and eat them separately. 
I experimented with the traditional recipe by cooking it in the Instant Pot press…

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