Ideas for Strawberries

This post is a bit late, as strawberries are no longer in season (though you can still get some in supermarkets). At the peak of the season, I managed to get my hands on some lovely strawberries. Plump, red, juicy and sweet - they really did not need anything done to them, but sometimes I felt like adding something to them - sugar is normally a classic, but on a primal diet, that's out of the question, so I came up with a few more ideas.

Here are some things I added to my strawberries this year to make them yummier than they already were:

1. Dairy - if you eat dairy, organic cream and strawberries is of course a classic combo! You could also try them with yoghurt. Some people even have them with cheese, though I'm not a big fan.
2. Balsamic vinegar - again a classic combination. Use the good stuff, add a little bit of honey and leave the strawberries to macerate for about 10 minutes before eating.
3. Finally my favourite thing which I discovered this summer: Rose Water. This stuff is awesome! You can buy it from supermarkets. Just halve or quarter hulled strawberries, add a few dashes of rose water to them, and leave them for a few minutes before eating. Yum!!

Incidentally, strawberries taste better if they're at room temperature when you eat them, rather than cold from the fridge.

Bon Appétit!


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